Teenagers Attack Taxi Driver With Knife In Telford

4 Aug

Chloe Louise Watts and an unnamed 17 year old male were in court in Telford as they answered charges of assault on a taxi driver. She denied charges of unlawful wounding, possession of a knife, attempted robbery after she was arrested along with her male accomplice in Mossey Green Way in May 2014.

The taxi driver was also unnamed but is known to be a male in his forties. He was left with a severe cut on his hand that needed 11 stitches after the attack. Watts told Telford Court that she didn’t know her male accomplice was carrying a knife. She did plead guilty to assisting him since she admitted telling him to get rid of his clothes after the attack.

Prosecutor Robert Edwards said the young male has pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and possession of a knife on 14 July and they would not pursue the attempted robbery charge. Edwards also told the court that the Crown Prosecution Service would accept the guilty plea of Watts in relation to assisting the young male attacker in place of other charges.

The case was adjourned on 28 July and sentencing will be heard on 5 September. Watts was granted bail with the condition that she reports to the local police station twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). She is also required to co-operate with probation when it comes to drawing up a pre-sentence report on her circumstances.